call costs

Cost of calling a XOIP number

As with all telephone calls, the cost of calling your XOIP number is paid by the caller. The incoming call is free for the XOIP user.

The caller will pay the following rates:

Call Costs
Numbers in the range 084/087 Local Numbers
Call set-up cost €0,00

regular local calling rates

Thereafter (per minute) €1,00

regular local calling rates

Take note: these rates were updated on 4-Nov-2019. The previous rate was 80 ct per minuut, and a 4ct start-up fee. Please make sure that callers to your number are aware of this.

These costs exclude any additional mobile provider costs for the calling party (if applicable).

Calling a XOIP local number

When someone dials your XOIP local number, the normal calling rates apply, as per the caller's telco plan.

Calling from mobile phones

Mobile carriers may levy an additional charge to call a XOIP number. This charge will depend on the mobile carrier, as well as the type of subscription the caller has with the telco. This only applies to XOIP Plus numbers. XOIP Local numbers can be called at the regular rate of the mobile provider.

Cost of forwarding your phone to XOIP

Your phone can be forwarded to your XOIP number by using the *21 command on your telephone.

When someone dials your phone, the call will be forwarded by your telco to your XOIP number. Your telco will bill you for this as if you had phoned your XOIP number from your phone. The standard XOIP number rates will apply plus additional mobile rates that might be levied by your telco.

The person calling your telephone will be billed for a normal call to your telephone. You will be billed the cost of calling your XOIP number.

Cost of forwarding XOIP to your phone

Forwarding from XOIP to Skype is no longer supported. We advise you instead to use forwarding to a VOIP account or Mobile number on our platform. If you have any questions please contact us.

You will need to buy credit to pay for call forwarding to certain numbers. Forwarding your XOIP number will cost the following amount per minute:


Forwarding to:
01-05 & 07 (land line) free* €0,07
06 (mobile) free* €0,15
0800 (toll-free) not allowed
085 & 088 (non-geo local) free*
084/087 XOIP numbers free* €0,30
084/087 (non-XOIP) €1,20 €1,20
09 (special service numbers) not allowed
not allowed
18x, 14x, 116x (information nrs) not allowed
not allowed
Call set-up fee on non-free forwards €0,08

* Free forwarding of international calls is restricted to 5 minutes per call